Innovative Land Management

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Alberta is changing before our eyes. More people are living in the province than ever before, and as they come here to build lives, raise families, and find futures, the landscape shifts around them.

Changes on the land often lead to evolutions in policy, so to support better land management, the Alberta Land Institute provides impartial, academic research to inform policymakers, stakeholders, and the public about important land use issues.

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Land Use 2016: Nature's Value to Society - The United Kingdom’s National Ecosystem Assessment

April 29, 2016

Few countries have attempted a complete assessment of the value of their environment, and the ecosystem services it provides. However, when such work is completed, it can…

Land Use 2016: Governance and Regional Planning for Sustainability

April 22, 2016

Research and consultation can inform decisions about environmental policy, but when theory must become reality, success or failure is dictated largely by the mechanisms of…

Land Use 2016: Alberta’s Agriculture Industries in a Changing Context

April 15, 2016

Click here to Register for Land Use 2016! Over the past few years, it became a routine: Statistics Canada would announce that Alberta was Canada’s fastest-growing province,…