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ALI Research Director Dr. Vic Adamowicz moderates a panel discussion at Unscrambling (Sub)Urban Growth.

Municipal development is one of ALI’s four main areas of study, and with Unscrambling Sub(urban) Growth, Dr. Sandeep Agrawal, the Director of the University of Alberta Planning Program, is examining one aspect of that subject: the growth of cities.

Currently in the midst of a one-year project funded by ALI, Dr. Agrawal is developing a ‘state of knowledge’ report to help us understand what researchers from across North America already ‘know’ about municipal growth. What criteria have been established to evaluate the growth of cities? Have we defined mechanisms that might support sustainable growth? Most importantly: what are the research gaps in our understanding of the growth of cities? (more…)


When it comes to determining the true cost of restoring wetlands in Alberta, you need to talk to land owners. That premise forms part of the foundation of the Alberta’s Living Laboratory Wetlands Project, and was the central theme of the research program’s public kickoff last night in Rocky View County.

Bringing a group of land owners together with representatives from of some of ALI’s partners, Principal Investigators Dr. Peter Boxall and Dr. Shari Clare explained the nature of their research, and started conversations that will continue throughout the year ahead. For information about their research, take a look at the project backgrounder. (more…)

Innovative Land Management

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ALI conducts and funds interdisciplinary academic research on land-use challenges in Alberta to develop and evaluate alternative policy options that consider social, economic and environmental perspectives.