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Can we restore your wetland? We’re about to find out.

This morning, the Alberta Land Institute launched the Alberta’s Living Laboratory Wetlands Project, a multi-year, interdisciplinary research program that will see researchers work in partnership with private land owners to restore wetlands on their property. The objective? To use some of the most advanced scientific techniques available to better understand the ‘functional value’ of restored wetlands, while also using a reverse auction to build a more complete understanding of the true cost of restoration –– including the cost of compensating land owners. (more…)

This week saw the introduction of Bill 1, “Respecting Property Rights”, in the Alberta Legislature. Earlier this year, the Alberta Land Institute released A Guide to Property Rights in Alberta, and one of that study’s authors, Dr. Eran Kaplinsky, today posted his observations about this new piece of legislation: (more…)

Innovative Land Management

Alberta Land Institute (ALI) is an independent, non-partisan research institute based at the University of Alberta that connects research and policy for better land management.

ALI conducts and funds interdisciplinary academic research on land-use challenges in Alberta to develop and evaluate alternative policy options that consider social, economic and environmental perspectives.