Our Advisors

Our Advisors

Where can ALI’s objective research process make a difference?

Determining what land manage-ment issues might benefit from the attention of independent researchers can be a complex process. Sometimes, information on a subject is available, but decisions are being deferred for reasons that an academic study would do nothing to change. Sometimes, the nature of an issue means it would be best addressed in a non-academic manner.

In order to detect issues that would be beneficially informed by research, the Alberta Land Institute draws upon the expertise of its Community Advisory Board. The members of this board provide ALI with input about emerging trends, and raise questions that are proving significant to land use in Alberta. This advice helps the Institute decide what subjects warrant study.

Once a suitable research question is posed, a call for proposals leads to research. The research findings are then connected to policy, and an assessment is made of the impact of that policy recommendation. The impact assessment often highlights additional questions and knowledge gaps, leading to new potential research.


The Community Advisory Board is called upon to provide input into emerging trends and issues that are proving significant to land use in Alberta –– to help us decide what subjects warrant study. The members of this board possess an immense amount of experience in a variety of fields, and together help ALI hone its strategic focus.

The current ALI Community Advisory Board consists of the following members:

Dr. Stanford Blade, Chair

Rick Blackwood

Alan Breakey

Kim Good

Tom Grabowski

Gerald Rhodes

Peter Woloshyn

Dr. Eran Kaplinsky, ALI Research Director

Dave Poulton, ALI Director


The Research Advisory Committee works with ALI’s Research Director to ensure that projects funded by the Institute adhere to strong fundamental research principles – that they remain objective and impartial. These experts also help ALI frame questions that are appropriate for academic research, and provide support as the Institute selects projects during each call for proposals.