June 27, 2013

Identifying the Trade-Offs within the Alberta Irrigation Sector Over the Next 25 Years

Irrigation is the largest consumptive use of water in Alberta. Approximately 640,000 hectares of Alberta’s agricultural land are irrigated, with about 540,000 hectares located in the 13 Irrigation Districts and the remainder under private irrigation schemes. Given expected increases in the global demand for food, the irrigated area in Alberta’s Irrigation District is expected to increase by an…

June 10, 2013

Alberta Land Institute hosts info session

Alberta Land Institute (ALI) will be holding an information session this Thursday, June 13 from 3 to 5 p.m. in CCIS 5-204 to answer any questions that potential research teams may have about ALI’s Call for Proposals for the following research topics: Assessing the Current Governance Framework for Land-use Planning in Alberta Municipal Revenue Generation and Implications for Land Use and Environmental…

June 7, 2013

Assessing Property Rights and Land Use in Alberta

ALI Research Project to Shed Light on Key Land-use Issues What are the key issues surrounding property rights and land-use regulations in Alberta? One of ALI’s first research projects will address this question and the challenges facing the province today. “Our project is designed to make property rights clear for all stakeholders, including policymakers and land owners,” says Professor Eran…

June 3, 2013

Property Rights Legislation & Policies in Alberta: Part 2

How can private rights be protected without compromising the public good? 2012 Bill 6: Property Rights Advocate Act Called for the creation of a Property Rights Advocate that reports to the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General. The purpose of the Advocate is to act as “a mechanism” for Albertans to voice their concerns, working to provide “impartial and independent information to deal with…

May 31, 2013

Property Rights Legislation & Policies in Alberta: Part 1

The 2008 Alberta Land-use Framework was created in response to Alberta’s rapid growth during the past decade. Its objective was to find a better way to coordinate land-use issues and, ideally, reduce conflict and increase sustainability in our province. Five years after its release, challenges remain in the area of property rights in Alberta. Land-use Framework Developed over a three-year period,…