Alberta Land Institute to Issue Call for Proposals

The newly launched Alberta Land Institute (ALI) will be putting a call out in late September to the academic and land-use community for four proposals covering a variety of policy issues that are arising in Alberta and elsewhere with respect to land-use.

The research topics for the four proposals are:

  • Evaluating mechanisms for wetland restoration and retention in Alberta
  • Assessing the implications of fragmentation and conversion of agricultural land in Alberta based on municipal development
  • Identifying trade-offs and management options in the Alberta irrigation sector over the next 25 years
  • Assessing property rights and land-use in Alberta

Proposals must be in line with ALI’s mandate to provide evidence-based policy options to resolve land-use issues, support dialogue and identify new approaches to secure Alberta’s prosperity through transformational land management.
In addition to supporting research programs in the four areas identified above, ALI will also work with the Government of Alberta to conduct research on two market-based mechanisms:

  • Evaluating the feasibility of lease-swapping in Alberta
  • Reviewing tradable disturbance rights

Watch for further information on proposals through ALI’s website in September 2012.