December 19, 2019

Can Alberta’s municipalities address biodiversity conservation challenges?

Opportunities & challenges Globally, biodiversity is in crisis. Environmental pollution, climate change, habitat loss, and many other anthropogenic threats jeopardize both species and ecologically significant spaces. Rising to the challenge of contemporary biodiversity conservation requires action at all levels of regulatory authority: international, national, and sub-national. In partnership with…

November 26, 2019

Highlights from the Environmental Markets and Finance Summit

Key Takeaways In October, ALI Director, Dave Poulton, attended the Environmental Markets and Finance Summit in Washington, DC. Here, he shares his reflections and key takeaways. Accelerating Investment in Natural Infrastructure The theme of the Environmental Markets and Finance Summit was Accelerating Investment in Natural Infrastructure. The agenda and presentations examined various ways to assign…

November 26, 2019
Tags: Research

Can Markets Create Healthier Ecosystems?

Harnessing the power of markets for healthier ecosystems Could this be an ideal time for Alberta to support trading in ecosystem services credits? For more than a decade, the Alberta government, landowners and, producers, and other stakeholders have expressed an interest in using market-based instruments (MBIs) to protect and steward the province’s land, air, and water. MBIs are designed to align…

March 14, 2018

ALI launches Land Use Podcast

Alberta Land Institute has launched the Land Use Podcast! You can subscribe with us on iTunes, on Google Play, or follow us on SoundCloud! The Land Use Podcast is home to discussion on a wide range of land use issues affecting public policy here in Alberta and across the world. For landowners, planners, public officials, conservationists, or anyone involved in industry, there will be episodes…

February 13, 2018

Losing the values of prime farmland in Alberta

As Alberta’s cities and major towns grow, so too does their footprint on Alberta’s rural landscapes.  A recent report by the Alberta Land Institute contains new insights into the extent of farmland conversion and fragmentation in the agricultural “white zone” of the province. The report completed by a team of University of Alberta professors, including myself, along with graduate students…