Land Use Podcast

Episode 6 - Soil Health for Urban Growers

Healthy soils are essential for food production, so how can you protect soil health? Learn about the basics of soil health in this episode based on the “Community Resource Guide: Sustainable Healthy Soils in Alberta” by Sukhwinder Singh, research funded in part by AREF.

Episode 5 - Soil Health in Alberta with Sukhwinder Singh

Why should soil health matter to you? Come learn about soil health in Alberta with Sukhwinder Singh! We talk about the state of soil health in Alberta and Canada and how policy could be used to protect soil health.

Episode 4 - Equity In Zoning with Sandeep Agrawal

Curious about what kind of research went into the City of Edmonton’s Zoning Bylaw Renewal? Dr. Sandeep Agrawal talks about how his research informed the new bylaw’s equitable approach to zoning.

Episode 3 - Edmonton's Zoning Bylaw Renewal with Trevor Illingworth

WE'RE BACK! What's the deal with Edmonton's Zoning bylaw renewal? Join ALI's Aysha Wu and City of Edmonton City Planner Trevor Illingworth to learn all about zoning, the bylaw renewal and what's next for zoning in Edmonton.

Episode 2 - Agricultural Land and Development with Brent Swallow

How to grow and protect agricultural land in Alberta. Hosted by ALI Communications Coordinator Evan Menzies with Dr. Brent Swallow from the University of Alberta. Dr. Swallow was a co-PI on a recently released report through the Alberta Land Institute, which estimated the economic impact of agricultural land fragmentation and conversion in Alberta.

Episode 1 - Property Rights

Our PILOT EPISODE! Join Dr. Eran Kaplinsky and Dr. Dave Poulton as they dive into a discussion on property rights, what rights landowners have and what powers government's have in creating public policy governing private land use.