Wetlands Research Strategy: Supporting Engagement

What research strategy can best contribute to the understanding of wetlands in Alberta? The Government of Alberta is assisting with engagement to find out.

One of three strategic directions under the Alberta Wetland Policy calls for the development of "effective tools, knowledge and capacity" around wetlands. In accordance with this objective, some funds collected for the restoration of wetlands across the province can be redirected to support research.

However, redirecting funds away from restoration work to research cannot be done casually. A knowledge-based and impartial process must be put in place to evaluate what research areas should be explored, what criteria can be used to select projects, how those projects can be measured, and ultimately, how research can contribute to the objectives of the Wetland Policy.

The Government of Alberta is therefore building a new Wetland Research Strategy, and as a part of that process, is engaging with a wide array of experts and stakeholders from across the province. Thanks to its involvement in research related to the Alberta Wetland Policy, the Alberta Land Institute was asked to work in partnership with Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions and Alberta Innovates Technology Futures to help facilitate this engagement process.

Today, a special day-long workshop is being hosted by ALI at the University of Alberta. With more than forty participants offering a variety of wetland expertise, the session will examine ideas and priorities which may ultimately inform the Government of Alberta’s design for the Wetlands Research Strategy.

As an institute whose mission is to connect research and policy for better land management, ALI has been proud to support this engagement process. We extend our thanks to everyone who has been involved in its organization, and to all participants.