Developing and Testing a Framework and for Accounting for the Value of Agricultural Land Stocks and Flows in Canada’s System of National Accounts


Natural capital accounts allow for the measurement and valuation of natural resources in a manner which meets accepted accounting standards. Statistics Canada has developed natural capital accounts for a number of Canadian resources, but no accounts have been developed for the country’s agricultural land. Establishing natural capital accounts to the United Nations standard is complex, and requires considerable time and resources. For this reason, Statistics Canada alone cannot build all the natural capital accounts which might be of use to policy-makers in Canada.

In this research project, Principal Investigator Dr. Marian Weber and her team will explore what data exists that might be used in establishing a natural capital account for Alberta’s agricultural land, and determine what additional sources might be required. Her team will also examine existing and experimental natural capital accounting frameworks to determine which might be appropriate for implementation or testing in the Alberta context.