Forest Fire Induced Risks and Community Resilience


Forest fire is one of the most critical hazards in Alberta. Forest fire possesses significant risk to the existence and sustainable developments of the communities in the vicinity of the forested/vegetated areas in Alberta and elsewhere in the country.

The overall objective of this research is to formulate a set of policy recommendations and alternative strategies for the decision-makers to mitigate forest fire-induced risk by synthesizing existing scientific evidences and relevant policies, and engaging stakeholders/rightholders in the city of Fort McMurray.

Research Team

Dr. Quazi Hassan

Dr. Hassan is a professor in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary and leads the Earth Observation for Environmental Laboratory. His research interests include:

  1. application of remote sensing in forecasting and monitoring of natural hazards/disasters, such as forest fire, drought, and flooding;
  2. use of remote sensing and GIS techniques in understanding the dynamics of natural resources, such as forestry, agriculture, and water; and
  3. integration of remote sensing, GIS, and modelling techniques in addressing issues related to energy, environment, climate change, local/global warming and land use changes.

He holds research grants from NSERC, Government of Alberta, leading energy industry, and NGOs. Dr. Hassan is currently serving the editorial board of Scientific Reports (Nature Publication Group) and Remote Sensing (MDPI).