Soil Health: Policy, Science, and Law in Action


The importance of Canada’s soil health has been under-recognized, and soil remains under-protected by public policy. Alberta’s resilience in the face of economic and climate-related threats is directly related to the quality of our soil.  

This research study aims to strengthen public policy, amplify scientific knowledge, and improve producer practices in the area of soil health.

Research and knowledge produced through this work will increase awareness among policymakers, producers, and the public; improve decision-making among key stakeholders; and lead to long-term improvements in soil health. Four key activities will support these outcomes: the creation of a soil health working group; a review of current efforts and best practices; an analysis of legal and governance structures related to soil health; and the generation and sharing of novel research to answer critical questions regarding soil health. 

Documents & Publications

Published by Dr. Eran Kaplinsky (Lead Researcher) for Alberta Land Institute: 

Assessing Property Rights and Land Use in Alberta


Published by David Poulton (Lead Researcher) for Alberta Land Institute:

In-lieu Payments and Fees as a Mechanism of Environmental Compensation

The Application of Property Rights in Ecosystem Service Markets