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Alberta is changing before our eyes. More people are living in the province than ever before, and as they come here to build lives, raise families, and find futures, the landscape shifts around them.

Changes on the land often lead to evolutions in policy, so to support better land management, the Alberta Land Institute provides impartial, academic research to inform policymakers, stakeholders, and the public about important land use issues.

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Introducing Lisa Neame: Soil Health ambassador

December 3, 2021

Soil health is a complex and multidisciplinary subject which is garnering a lot of attention right now. Since August, Soil Health Coordinator Lisa Neame has been laying the…

Happy World Soil Day

December 3, 2021

You might have other plans: Holiday shopping, visiting Santa, and celebrating the end of the Festival of Lights. This Sunday, consider observing World Soil Day. Held annually…

Live Presentation: ALI Research Showcase -- Tools, Plans and Changing Attitudes

November 2, 2021

Alberta Land Institute showcases research.   Wednesday, November 17, 2021 1 - 4 PM MST This was a FREE presentation: 30 min presentations - followed by Q&A/discussion  …

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