Assessing Property Rights and Land Use in Alberta

ALI Research Project to Shed Light on Key Land-use Issues

What are the key issues surrounding property rights and land-use regulations in Alberta?
One of ALI’s first research projects will address this question and the challenges facing the province today.

“Our project is designed to make property rights clear for all stakeholders, including policymakers and land owners,” says Professor Eran Kaplinsky, Principal Investigator for Assessing Property Rights and Land Use in Alberta research program.
“There has been a lot of confusion about the nature of property rights in Alberta, where they come from, their scope, limits of governments, and the nature of compensation.”

Over the next year, Professor Kaplinksy will collaborate with Professor David Percy to focuses on three main objectives:

  1. To analyze the constitutional, legal and regulatory frameworks that demarcate private property rights in land in Alberta;
  2. To describe the present scope of Alberta’s property rights system and to identify key issues arising from recent land-use initiatives; and
  3. To develop a non-technical summary of the above to serve as a resource for stakeholders, policy makers, and land users in general.

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