Property Rights Legislation & Policies in Alberta: Part 2

How can private rights be protected without compromising the public good?


  • Bill 6: Property Rights Advocate Act
    Called for the creation of a Property Rights Advocate that reports to the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General. The purpose of the Advocate is to act as “a mechanism” for Albertans to voice their concerns, working to provide “impartial and independent information to deal with issues that could affect their property rights and help them find the appropriate resolution mechanisms when disputes arise.”
  • Property Rights Advocate Named
    Lethbridge-based lawyer Lee Cutforth is named the province’s first Property Rights Advocate.
  • Property Rights Task Force
    Created to listen to concerns and ideas about property rights in Alberta. The final report, released in February 2012, concluded that the property rights concerns may be resolved with an increased effort to: ensure that property rights holders and land owners through improved communication and consultation, enhanced access to the courts, and appropriate compensation.