Biodiversity Offsets 101 Replay

On May 22, International Day for Biological Diversity, we partnered with Miistakis Institute to present an introductory webinar about biodiversity offsets.


The biodiversity crisis is leading many jurisdictions to consider biodiversity offsets. It should be no surprise (though we were!) that over 200 people registered from across Canada to attend this introductory webinar: Biodiversity Offsets 101 - Case Studies & Best Practices for Alberta

ALI Director, Dave Poulton, was joined by an expert panel featuring Shaun Fluker, Faculty of Law University of Calgary; Eran Kaplinsky, ALI's Research Director; and Guy Greenaway, Senior Project Manager, Miistakis Institute.

Together, they presented an introduction to and discussion of offsets:

  • What is an offset, and what is it not?
  • When are biodiversity offsets a preferred tool, and when shouldn't they be used?
  • What's the regulatory status of biodiversity offsets in Alberta and beyond our borders?

Learn more about the best practices and case studies of biodiversity offsets in this 1-hour webinar.


Download the webinar slide deck {click here}


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A very special thank you to Miistakis Institute for hosting and moderating this webinar.