Municipalities & Biodiversity Webinar Replay

If you want to protect biodiversity
you should ditch the corn chips


On September 16, we invited 3 guests to share their expertise about the role municipalities play in protecting, measuring and mitigating biodiversity.

We heard from: 

  • Dr. Cameron Jefferies, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law University of Alberta who shared updates to the Municipal Government Act that enable and require the protection of biodiversity in Alberta

  • Catherine Shier, Principal Ecological Planner City of Edmonton walked us through the different policies and tools the City of Edmonton uses to measure and find protection "hot spots"  

  • Dr. Colleen St. Clair, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta then followed up with very interesting research findings related to wildlife-human conflicts and habitat fragmentation (hint: here's where the corn chips come in -- watch the replay to learn more...


Explore the opportunities and challenges Alberta municipalities face when protecting biodiversity in this webinar (1hour 17 minutes)


Click the links below to download the Presenter slide decks:

Download Cam's Presentation

Download Catherine's Presentation

Download Colleen's Presentation


More resources to help Alberta municipalities protect biodiversity*


Subsidiarity in Action: Effective Biodiversity Conservation and Municipal Innovation

To Foster the Well-being of the Environment: Interpreting Alberta Municipalities’ New Purpose

A Conservation Easement Guide for Municipalities

ALSA’s Conservation Tools for Municipalities: A Webinar Series

Planning for Ecological Connectivity in Municipalities

*With thanks to Miistakis Institute for sharing some of these links