Land Use 2021: Now With Small-group Discussions

Continue the discussion at Land Use 2021

Continue the discussion at Land Use 2021

To stay or not to stay—that is the question.

Responding to feedback from our first session in our web forum Land Use 2021: A Place for Biodiversity Offsets, we will be adding small group discussions after the presentation, to carry on the conversation with our participants.

Participants will have the option to stay and take part.

“Alberta Land Institute wants to encourage rich discussion, exciting conversations and active learning for our participants and speakers,” says David Poulton, Director, Alberta Land Institute. “We’ve chosen an online tool that allows us to reach the widest audience, while encouraging contribution and conversation.”

In addition to a presentation with a questions and answer experience, the presenters for the second session of Land Use 2021 are going to stay to chat online with participants.

“We’re so grateful to the presenters to offer more of their time,” says Dave. “We anticipate this will be engaging for participants and will really impart knowledge of, and interest in, the idea of biodiversity offsets.”

We hope you’ll attend the presentation and consider staying to attend one of the small-group discussions after the presentation.

Session two: No Net Loss in a Changing Landscape takes place 10 – 11:30 AM MDT. Join Fabien Quétier, Biotope; Marian Weber, British Columbia Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy; Eric Higgs, University of Victoria and Florence Damiens, RMIT University for a spirited discussion of the many issues measuring ecosystem losses and gains to assess progress to no net loss. Then, join our speakers for a discussion on how key aspects of offsetting might apply in your world.


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